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What is a wedding magazine and why you should consider it as an addition to your big day

If you have been a guest to weddings in Latvia, there is a great chance that you will have heard of and even seen a wedding newspaper, that the couple has created to share the story of how they met, give some details of how their wedding preparations went and overall share some details about themselves and their family and friends that you did not know about.

However, if you would like to opt in to a product that would offer you a thicker and better quality paper that could definitely last longer and would have some colour on it, you can definitely consider a wedding magazine.

So what is a wedding magazine and what it can include?

A wedding magazine is a great way to communicate more information about you as a couple, share stories and appreciate them without saying any words. It even in a way is an activity for your guests while they are sitting at the table while the younger generations are dancing the night away or while waiting at the venue before your arrival. Guests will have fun to get to know you even better through reading stories that you will have shared.

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A wedding magazine can include any information and stories that you would like to share, however, mostly they are stories about when you were dating, how you met each other, most memorable adventures together, stories about your bachelor and bachelorette parties, stories about you as a couple from your parents view, thank you section, guest list that can include small photos of each guest and more. A wedding magazine can be a great way to communicate any important details of your wedding day, if there is a hashtag that you are encouraging guests to use, any information about the schedule, a short "how to" best pose for photos on your wedding, or anything else that you would like to include.

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So why would you want to have a wedding magazine for your big day?

  • It allows you to gather all of the necessary information about the wedding in one place - the magazine.

As previously mentioned, it is a great way to give your guests not only interesting and fun stories to read about you, but to share important information in regards to the wedding venue, the surrounding area, plans of the evening or the day after that you do not want your guests to miss.

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  • It allows your guests to get to know you as a couple better.

Surely your family and friends will have gotten to know you as a couple together an even more so think that they know everything about each of you as individuals, however, there definitely are some stories, memories, adventures, or information that would definitely be something new to your guests and fun to read.

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  • Not only will your guests have fun reading it on your wedding day but it is a great souvenir for your guests and you after the wedding.

Imagine after years not only you can look at the pictures and videos of your wedding on your computer but take your wedding magazine and read all of the great stories and memories that you might have forgotten about. Your guests and specially your family will feel the same and they will love to have a little tangible peace from your wedding.

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Additional creative ways to use a wedding magazine for:

The magazine can not only be gifted to your guests during the wedding but as well after the wedding, as a thank you for being a part of your day. In this case your wedding magazine can already include photos from your actual wedding, and the stories and memories that you made together.

The magazine can even be created as an invitation. This can particularly be a great way to share more information and specific details of your wedding day if it is taking place abroad or for multiple days.


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