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  • Ginta Gulbe

9 Things a Destination Wedding Planner Does

With everything life has thrown at us these past 2 years, our desire to travel again could take another level. And taking your wedding to another destination could become even more popular,

Why hire us as your destination wedding planner? Here are some of our main tasks to make sure your experience is flawless and magical


Provide guidance based on knowledge and local research on laws, marriage license requirements, permits needed etc.


Offer a selection of vendors and venue options suited to your guest count, budget, and vision.


Assist in creating a realistic budget based on your vision and desires.


Offer suggestions on where you could save and what's worth to include.


Communicate and Coordinate with vendors and the venue, as well as timeline management.


Create contingency plans in case of rain and unforeseen weather.


Give recommendations forflorists, decorations, bar, music, necessary equipment, hair and makeup etc.


Communicating, negotiating and managing catering.


Offer travel guidance and advice to help you and your guests feel confident with their travel plans.

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