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  • Ginta Gulbe

12 Fall Wedding Favor Ideas

As the summer season has ended, we are now looking forward to the season of comfy and warm clothes, throw on blankets, hot chocolate and more. If planning your wedding during fall, you might consider choosing wedding favours that your guests would be thrilled to sea and that they would definitely use this season.

Here are some ideas to inspire from for your wedding favours this Autumn.

Maple syrup

An autumn themed wedding favour from inside and outside, that will make your guests look forward to some delicious treats this fall for sure!



Another healthy treat for your guests that will definitely be put in use this Autumn.



Stylish socks as a fall wedding favour will definitely wow your guests. Some stylish and fun options can be found at


Small whiskey bottles

These small drinks will perfectly fit in with the wedding theme and your guests will definitely put them in use.


Whiskey scented candle

A bougie gift for your guests to set the mood at home during this fall.


Small jam jars

Another delicious treat for your guests this fall. To make it interesting gift your guest your favourite jam flavours: Brides special / Grooms special.


Small tea bags

Small tea bags with your favourite flavours is a great gift for your guests to enjoy a cup of tea during a cold day.


Wellness shots

Healthy wellness shots will show care towards your wedding guests and is a great gift during the season change and the beginning of a colder weather.


Throw on blankets

Warm throw on blankets will be greatly used during the wedding night as well as after your wedding during the fall by your guests.


Dream Catchers

If planning your wedding in boho theme, a dream catcher will be a unique wedding favour to wow your guests.


Small plants

A very "green" gift for your guests to remind them about this day for the years to come.


Seasonal spices

Add some flavour to your wedding favours and gift your guests a selection of your favourite spices.

by Ginta Gulbe


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