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  • Ginta Gulbe

QR codes x paperless menus

The global pandemic has changed the way we consume products and services and go with our overall everyday lifestyle quite a lot comparing to 2 years ago. To avoid tangible things around the hospitality industry and offer a "touch free" experience, in last year restaurants have started to use QR codes to allow customers to browse their menus without having to touch and look at a paper menu. To go a step further and make it more efficient, restaurants can even allow guests to choose their options via their mobile devices rather than waiting for a waiter to take their orders (Digital Information World, 2020).

An efficient and eco-friendly option.

Although this new way of consumers browsing through their meal options in their favourite restaurants has been there since last year, the thought about being eco-friendly is very important when it comes to events, therefore, going as paperless as possible besides using as less plastic as possible is a great idea for events as well.

Rather than having to print many menus for each of your event guests, incorporating a QR code in a noticeable place at your event or on the table is a great and an interactive way to share the dining menu with your guests as nowadays we all use our smartphones daily anyway.

However, this might not be the best idea if you are planning a wedding with a theme #nophonesallowed since to scan a QR code you do need a smartphone. It is also important to consider your guest list and make sure that everyone would be able and would know how to use the incorporated QR codes. Certainly, a short “how to” description below the QR code could make things easier, and your guests can always communicate the idea further to other guests.

Food for thought:

QR codes have been used widely around the world for different reasons, including marketing. As we have discussed that using QR codes to share your events menu with guests can be a fun and interactive idea, using them for different purposes, such as some activities, can be a great and fun addition as well. For example, when you think about the young generation now, and the fact that having a smartphone at their age is a normal thing now, an activity for kids that includes using phones for a game of “scavenger hunt” could be a great entertainment idea in any event and weddings.

What do you think of this idea and using QR codes in your event?


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