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  • Ginta Gulbe

8 tips for planning an outdoor wedding

1. Be prepared for a rainy weather

If you are not planning a wedding in a destination where it hardly rains, you might need to consider having a roof on your head.

- The right tent in any outdoor space can make a beautifu setting.

- When choosing location, consider a venue that has garden space, so you can have both options - indoor and outdoor wedding based on the weather.

- Consider renting a floor for your outdoor wedding.

2. Rent out the necessities for your wedding

- Rent out the appropriate tables, chairs and other necesities based on the location.

- Often your outdoor space can give already an amazing backdrop for your wedding that does not ask for crazy amount of decorations, therefor, make sure you get inspired from the location when planning your decorations.

3. Make sure you have access to electricity

- There are plenty of reasons besides lighting that you will need electricity for in your wedding.

4. Make sure you have enough lighting

- Set the mood with right amount of lighting with fairy lights over your heads and other lighting options for perfect visibility on tables and the wedding teritory.

- The right amount of lighting is very important for safety of you and your guests as well.

5. Make sure you don't have uninvited guests

- If you are organising your wedding in a public outdoor space, make sure you are closing the specific area, to make sure other people besides your wedding guests can not have access and unintentionally walk in during your wedding.

6. Hire the right caterer

- Make sure you hire a caterer that has experience in catering outdoor events and know how to work in this kind of setting.

- Having outdoor wedding also gives you options for a menu that you might not get if organising a wedding in a ballroom, such as barbeque.

7. Choose the appropriate music

- Based on the outdoor location you will have chosen, there might be different restrictions for music, most likely it will be regarding the noise after a certain hour or even during the whole day. Therefore, consider this before hiring a band of 7 people for the whole night.

8. Provide necessities

- Organising an outdoor wedding most often requires to rent out bathroom facilities for your guests comfort.

- Make sure you are providing all the necessary toileteries as well. often couples provide fragrances and mists for their guests in bathroom facilities for extra comfort.

- Additionally, you might want to consider providing comfy blaankets for your guests when it gets colder at night.


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