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  • Ginta Gulbe

5 reasons to hire a wedding planner

A lot of couples, when planning their wedding, might choose to turn to a wedding planner to seek some guidance of where to start and how to pull it all together to organize an extraordinary wedding for them and their guests. Planning an event for the first time can be very challenging and stressful and when it is the planning of your wedding and the thought of wanting everything to be perfect and according to the plan, can be a lot. Therefore, seeking help from a wedding planner who definitely has a background in event planning, is a great choice to save own time and nerves for getting yourself ready for the big day and enjoy this exciting pre wedding time.

However, to understand better what kind of contribution a wedding planner can give to help your dream wedding come true, here are 5 reasons to hire a wedding planner.

1. Assistance in planning your budget and showing the hidden costs that a lot of couples mostly do not realise until the wedding.

When it comes to the budget, it is quite easy to overspend on several parts, therefor, event planners can help you set an appropriate budget for your wedding, accordingly to your vision and wishes, making sure that the right amount is spent on the most necessary parts of the day and an appropriate part is spent on the details that add on and create the overall event design and programme.

2. Less stress for the couple and more time to prepare yourself for the day and enjoy your wedding day together.

Making loads of calls and negotiating terms and prices with every vendor involved can be very time consuming and stressful. Here is where wedding planners come in and make every conversation necessary to involve the right vendors in your event and make sure that you are happy with every planned detail, letting you have more time for yourself and enjoy the pre-wedding time with your fiancé, family and friends.

3. Make a creative contribution to the wedding design and programme, and realize various unique and innovative ideas.

A wedding planners’ job is to take your ideas and vision to the next level and organise an extraordinary wedding for you. However, wedding planners can highly contribute with creative and innovative ideas to expand your vision. At specially in these times when we are seeking new ways to organise celebrations and involve our family and friends. When nowadays intimate weddings are a trend, and some of our friends and family abroad might not be able to attend because of covid-19 restrictions or personal reasons, a wedding planner can help you find other innovative and creative ways to involve them in your wedding. Furthermore, with the situation globally, a wedding planner based on their knowledge and experience, will be able to create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your guests on your wedding day.

Additionally, wedding planners can assist with creative ideas if, for example, your dream wedding is a little over the budget or hard to realize based on the new restrictions. That does not mean, that you cannot have your dream wedding, there are countless of ways how to make is as special or even better, without you even realising.

4. Help in choosing the appropriate vendors for your event within the budget and based on your style and vision for the wedding.

There are plenty of venues, photographers, bands, caterers and decorators to choose from. Making sure that you recruit the one within your budget and that match your style and taste and the vision for your wedding can be overwhelming and time consuming. Wedding planners will have an overall knowledge of the suppliers in the industry, therefor, will be able to recruit the right vendors more efficiently. Moreover, a lot of wedding planners will have some partners that they have already worked with or have seen their work, therefor, knowing who they can trust to be a great addition to your wedding and prevent possible last-minute frustration, change of plans or finding a new supplier in the last days.

5. Making sure that the event is set up on time and coordinating the event to make sure that the event programme is running smoothly.

It’s your wedding day. The nerves, the excitement, preparing yourself for the ceremony... there is a lot that will already be going through your head. Therefore, having to think about if everyone knows where they are seated, where to go, if the photographer knows what he is doing and the music will play on time can be too much. A wedding planners’ job will be to make sure that not only everything has been set up accordingly, but to make sure that the programme of the day is running smoothly and everyone knows where and when to be, for you and your guests to relax and enjoy the wedding.

So here are some of the reasons to hire a wedding planner. Remember that hiring a wedding planner does not mean that you cannot be involved in the planning process. You will still be the main person making decisions, sharing your thoughts and ideas of what you want for your wedding. My job, as a wedding planner, will be to save your time by making your ideas come true in the most efficient way, guide you through this process and make sure that everything is done flawlessly for you to have a memorable and extraordinary experience.

It is not just the wedding day that is important, but the exciting process that comes with it as well. I will be happy to hear from you and jump in this exciting ride to one of your most important days with you, and make it as speciall as you have imagined it to be and more.

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