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We plan - you enjoy

White Swan events by GG is an event planning service based in Riga, Latvia, organising weddings and private events internationally. Our aim is to bring your event ideas to the next level and execute every detail with excellence. White Swan events offers to take your event organisation in own hands, creating memorable experiences and letting you enjoy the day with your guests.

Riga, Latvia | Tel: +37126187637

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I believe that excellent events can be created through mutual understanding, therefor, only by hearing your ideas and wishes for the event as well as understanding your style and lifestyle, I am able to take these ideas to the next level and create an experience that will exceed your expectations.

As your event planner, I will be reachable to you for any request about your event just a phone call away, and as we will not only be working closely together, but creating memories as well, I believe we will become good friends.

It will be my pleasure to be involved in creating these memorable events for you. I will be happy to hear from you and discuss your vision and ideas for your next event.

Get in touch, and I'll speak to you soon!


Ginta Gulbe


Organising events like a swan

Appearing calm, graceful and elegant on the surface of water, but paddling energetically and passionately under water to take your event to its destination - WOW!


— Ieva

"Once again I wanted to thank you for your cooperation, for the interesting (really interesting) activities, good organization and your active participation. We jumped into the unknown, but in the end we were very happy with everything - the place, the DJ, the host, the team and, of course, the children's sweets.
Thank you! 
We can definitely recommend your company to others."

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