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  • Ginta Gulbe

Wedding trends 2021

Micro weddings

A smaller number of guests and a smaller wedding will become one of the most popular trends in the industry. This means couples will appreciate a more intimate environment in their weddings with the closest people in their lives. This of course will be as well more cost effective if having a large celebration is not your dream.

MR & MRS now, but party later

With restrictions in place globally and not being able to organize a dream wedding, and waiting longer to get married, does not feel like an option, a great solution is to make it official and marry sooner, but have the celebration later on when you will be able to organise a wedding that you have imagined it to be. This way you can spend this time enjoying to be a husband and wife already, but celebrate the union with your family and friends later on.


Couples might think more of additionally added entertainment in their wedding on top of musicians, bands, DJ’s. With having restrictions to dancing this year here in Latvia, couples might seek for additional entertainment to fill the stage and entertain their guests.

Hiring an immersive cocktail bar service for an hour can already add a value to the overall experience than just a simple open bar. Hiring a comedian, magician, or other sort of entertainment can be a great addition to the programme and enhance guests experience during your wedding.

However, let’s hope that dancing will make a great come back soon and we will be able to shake it off on the dance floor!

An additional note regarding dance floor in weddings could be, that it might be necessary to make sure that there is enough space for every guest. This might be a lot easier for weddings hosted outside with loads more open space area.


The safety of wedding guests will be one of couples main priorities next year. A created safe environment, assigned seating plan, enough space for all of the guests, appropriate entertainment and plan of the whole day, and making sure that guests can travel to their wedding and back safely will be highly important.

Livestreaming wedding in 2021

A lot of couples might question this option, simply as it hasn’t really been around the event industry, at specially in Latvia. Couples from other countries have already used ZOOM to livestream their wedding to their friends and family abroad in 2020. It is a great way to involve those who cannot attend your wedding and make them feel special.

Now, do not think that ZOOM is the only option here. You can hire a wedding livestream service to stream parts of your wedding day online and make a great wedding movie out of it afterwards as well. Additionally, you can simply use platforms such as Instagram, and ask your maid of honour or friends with a good eye to video taking to livestream those special moments of your day.

To make it more special to the guests who cannot attend, send them a wedding guest package, including things like personalized wedding drinks, the programme of your wedding, information of the live stream and perhaps organise a game that they can be involved as well. Or even have a competition between them with an announced prize for the winner, for example, the best dressed digital guest to encourage them to prepare for the day even if they are on the other side of the screen. There are plenty of ways to make this exciting and fun.


Couples more and more are seeking for ways to make their celebration more sustainable. Renting decorations and furniture for the wedding has been a trend in Latvia for a while and it is a great way to save money and time for looking for every detail as well.

Making sure to not overspend on food and beverage to not have a lot of food wasted after an event is very important. People may think that having more is better, just in case you might run out of something, however, when talking about food and beverage a great practice in planning events is to get the amount as close to the necessary as possible to avoid the massive food waste.

Couple more “think green” ideas for a wedding can include:

  • Giving small plants as wedding favours;

  • Digital invitations;

  • Invitations on recycled papers;

  • Locally sourced products;

  • Vegan and vegetarian options in menu.

Higher demand for dry flowers

Dry flowers have become trend during the past years in wedding design not only because they give a creative edge to the overall look but they can be very cost effective as they last longer and couples can use them after their wedding as a home decor.

With dry flowers, you can always sell them as well. You can see people loving dry flowers in their interior designs or business interiors.

Fresh flowers can often seem as a money going down the drain as they can cost a lot of money and really only serve a purpose for one day. Therefore, a lot of couples are looking for ways to give the flowers away after their wedding day to make someone else happy as well. You could bring your flowers to a retirement home, hospital, a foster home to put a smile on other people’s faces and brighten their day.

Wedding design colours

White and green might not be that popular anymore between the colours in wedding designs in 2021. More brighter colours and pastel tones could be taking over next year in wedding designs.

Destination wedding?

An additional prediction might be that after all the restrictions and not being able to travel, an intimate destination wedding could become a trend once it will be possible to organise weddings abroad. Seeking adventurous memories with your close ones during one of the most special events in your life in one of your favourite destinations would definitely be an extraordinary experience.


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