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  • Ginta Gulbe

IBIZA - bachelor/bachelorette parties

With distancing being in place for months now and having experienced more of private events with your family and closest friends in an intimate environment, it could stay as a trend in summer 2021 as well.

But it certainly does not mean that the experience in a private bachelor/bachelorette party can be any less fun and memorable.

As clubs and public parties might not open and take place this summer as well, to make your experience memorable and special, it might be the right time to take your best friends and go to another destination to explore new experiences and have a well-deserved vacation from the everyday routine and places that we see in our everyday life.

Having spent 2 summers in Ibiza, I can say that it should not only be a destination for wild club nights and parties with well-known DJ’s, but a destination for luxurious VIP private parties as well, that will take your breath away and make memories you will not forget.

So here are some ideas to include and make your bachelor and bachelorette party a memorable and luxurious experience.

- Rent out a private villa

To make it more special rent out a private house/villa with your friends to enjoy a luxurious holiday on another level. Ibiza offers a wide choice for holiday villas to choose from, so there will definitely be a suitable choice for any taste and budget.

- Organise a private party

  • Hire a DJ to create the right vibe in your party;

  • Hire a bar tender for those extra festive cocktails;

  • Hire a private chef to prepare you some traditional Spanish tapas;

  • Plan a theme party.

- Rent a boat and organise a private boat party

Cruising on a boat in Ibiza is definitely a must. There are plenty of options if you would like to see the island from another point of view. You could have a day trip to an island close by to Ibiza, a tour around the island and explore some hidden beautiful beaches and spots, or have an evening private boat trip to experience the mesmerising sunset in Ibiza.

- Involve water sports

If you love to be in the water and take part in different water sport activities, then the crystal blue warm water will definitely pull you in and make a fun day for you and your friends.

- Rent quad bikes, scooters or a car and explore the island

There are plenty of hidden gems and beautiful beaches, cliffs in Ibiza to explore. So rather than going to the most popular beaches, try and explore the coast line and find some hidden and breath-taking spots.

* If you feel like this might be an eventful party weekend for you, contact me and I will make sure that your time in Ibiza is nothing less than unforgettable and magical.



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