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  • Ginta Gulbe

Creative touch to catering your wedding


When it comes to drinks during your wedding day, you would definitely include a prosecco/champagne reception for the first toast, selection of wines on the table and an open bar/ bar service during your wedding. But there are plenty of ways to make it more fun for your guests and pay attention to the details and be creative with the presentation or added value.

Here are some ideas to add a creative touch to your wedding when it comes to beverage:

  • A champagne wall for your first toast

This can be a creative way to present drinks to your guests, encourage some photos as well as save time without having waiters to pour champagne in each glass.

  • A prosecco van that serves drinks for your guests

A very fun way to serve drinks for your guests after the ceremony or during the drink’s reception before the dinner.

  • Come up with a signature bride & groom cocktail of the day

To add a special touch, you can allow your guests to enjoy your favourite cocktails that can be included in the selected drinks menu of the day.

  • Entertaining cocktail hour

To shake it up have a fun cocktail hour by hiring professional barman that can perform a show and serve your guests some innovative and creative alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to surprise your guests.

  • Have a themed bar

If having an intimate wedding with a small number of guests, by selecting your favourite drinks and considering what your guests might like, you can create a themed bar of – feel like home/do it yourself open bar that would allow guests to make drinks themselves and cut some costs on having a bar staff serving drinks.

  • Whisky bar with cigars

For a classier and bougee couples a whisky bar with a selection of cigars could be every gentleman’s dream to gather with their buddies and enjoy a drink and a high-quality cigar.

  • Beer bar

If you know your guests love beer, you could have a beer bar with different types of beers on tap that might be grooms’ favourites.


If you are having a slightly larger wedding, then table service can definitely be the best option to make sure that everyone is having their food on time and are not waiting long.

However, if you are having a more intimate wedding with a smaller number of guests, you might want to consider some more creative and non-traditional food options. In this case having a food van where chefs are cooking pizzas, burgers or anything else on the spot and serves them to your guests, can be a fun and creative way to create a laid back, intimate and festive atmosphere. It is important, of course, when choosing your catering options to consider what type of food you and your guests would like and what suits your wedding theme.

Here are some additional ideas for catering in your wedding:

  • Chef in action!

Have a chef cooking in front of the guests. They will have fun watching their food being made and after enjoying it with their eyes they will enjoy it as much by tasting them.

  • Late night food van

A late-night snack for guests to enjoy some food while having drinks and dancing. This could be small pizzas, tacos, doughnuts or anything else you would prefer.

  • No to the layered cake and yes to small mini cakes

Having small wedding cakes instead of a large cake has become a trend. In this way you can offer small cakes in different flavours to allow guests to choose their favourite. A lot of couples lately choose to serve different types of cupcakes or even doughnuts instead of the layered cake to have a non-traditional spin on their wedding. If having a cake is not really important for you, choosing a delicate dessert cookie such as macaroons can add a very nice and luxurious touch to your day. You can still have a bigger cake size on a stand to cut the cake in front of your guests.

  • A popcorn stand

Having popcorn in weddings has become very popular lately. Different types of popcorns that guests can chose from can be a great idea for both children and adults during the night.

For summer weddings a great desert option can be:

  • Mix and match ice cream sandwiches

  • Ice cream bar for guests to choose their favourite flavour

  • Roasting marshmallows over fire


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