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  • Ginta Gulbe

12 festive ideas for your New Year's Eve at home

What a year it has been! However, coming to an end New Years Eve 2021 will be a lot different than last years. In stead of getting ready to go out with your friends in town, a lot of us will be spending this time at home with our guests being limited to the ones we live with. But it does not mean that New Year’s Eve can’t be any less special. In stead of partying out with our friends and people we would meet on the spot, we will have more intimate celebration with our loved ones, having as much fun as we would have out, of course, if we create this festive feeling ourselves and make some effort.

So, grab that bottle of bubbly and get ready for a fun night in to say goodbye to 2020 and jump into 2021. To help you set the mood, here are some festive ideas to celebrate New Year's Eve at home.

1. Make a festive dinner

A festive dinner will always get you to a celebration mood. Rather than going out, make a fabulous and delicious dinner for your loved ones at home. Set the table with some festive decorations, put some background music and create the proper intimate celebration mood at home that your loved ones will highly appreciate.


2. Decorate your house

Decorating your house with some sparkle will create a great difference in your everyday environment that you have probably spent most days in this year. So, pull out some decorations or make them yourself to kick in the right New Year’s Eve celebration mood. Remember even little can make a big difference.


3. Dress festive

Just because you are staying home does not mean you can’t dress up. It will only enhance the festive feeling. So, put on your favourite outfit and some festive make up for those New Years photos!


4. Make a festive cocktail

Try your hidden bartending skills and mix a festive drink at home for yourself and your loved ones. New Year’s Eve is all about the sparkly and bubbly drinks, however, you can always step it up a notch and mix some more fun to it!


5. Take a lot of pics

Create a photo wall or photo props for those Instagram pics. Use balloons, sparkly wrapping paper or anything else that your creative mind can think of to create a gorgeous photo backdrop and props for those “extra” New Year’s Eve pics.


6. Write down your next years resolutions

It is a great way to look back at what you have accomplished this year and what are the thing that you would like to work on and achieve next year. White it down on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope to open next year on the New Years eve.


7. Make a boujee New Year’s dessert

I think we all deserve to have a real treat this New Year’s Eve. Rather than going with your usual dessert, try and do something new and over the top that you perhaps have seen in some cooking videos or cook books, but haven’t dared to try making. Get creative and make it special to end the night with a killer dessert!


8. Make a memory box

Decorate a box where you can keep your memories over the upcoming year. When something great and memorable happens over the next 12 months, write it down and put it in the box. You can throw in some tickets as well. It will make a fun activity for New Year’s Eve next year, when you can look through all of your memories made over 2021.


9. Bake Macaroons

Take on a challenge and bake these elegant and delicate French cookies. Macaroons will definitely make a glamourous New Year's Eve snack next to your sparkling drink!


10. Have a little dance party

Put on your favourite music at home and have a little dance party with your family. There are couple of digital music events that you can tune in online to dance to some great vibes. Don't forget your dancing shoes!


11. Host a video call with your friends and family

There are many activities you can do with your family and friends online. Here are some examples:

  • Share the most special moments of this year with your friends and family online.

  • Play a game online. It can be anything from bingo, to a questionnaire of a topic of your choice. To get more competitive get a prize for the winning team.

  • Play games involving beverage, such as beer pong (or you can make it a prosecco pong for more of a New Years celebration theme), never have I ever, or a small competition between you and your friends online.

  • Tune in to the same online music event and listen to it together, or maybe come up with a dance move while on a video chat!

*One of the most popular digital music events globally during New Year’s Eve will be Tomorrowland, to which you can buy a ticket and tune in online.


12. Have a New Year's Day brunch

Brunch is always a good idea, and when you have stayed up late the night before, celebrating New Year, a late breakfast is exactly what is needed and what will start your day on a festive note. A real treat for everyone at home, and I would say a great start to a New Year.


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